Elegant Look Bedroom Vanity Set with Lights

Mar 12th

While it is possible to store makeup and skin care items that you regularly use on your dresser, you can add a classic, elegant look to your room by displaying a collection of vintage cosmetics. Decorative perfume jars are ideal display elements for bedroom vanity set with lights. Carved glass bottles are an attractive option, as they capture light and draw attention to the dressing table. A brush and mirror set with silver handles or a collection of engraved silver compacts can give your vanity a vintage look as well.

If you want to add a touch of color to your bedroom vanity set with lights, add a full glass of your favorite flowers. Choose a simple vase that matches the rest of the room decor, so the flowers are the focal point. If your bedroom lacks warmth, opt for red, orange or yellow flowers. Fresh flowers are a good choice because they also provide a fragrance, but you may not want the hassle or cost of replacing them regularly.

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Instead, you can use high quality silk flowers that do not require maintenance. Candles are another element of the ideal screen for your bedroom vanity set with lights. Even if you do not intend to light them, you can create an attractive grouping of candles at different heights to give your dresser added dimension.