Extremely Simple Bedroom Vanity Desk

Mar 12th

Bedroom vanity desk is a space usually reserved for women. Who usually like to have an intimate and personal place in which to sit quietly before a special occasion. And get even more beautiful. Generally located in bedroom, in dressing room or in bathroom itself. Creating a makeup vanity is extremely simple. At time of hanging mirror. And although it seems very obvious. Before piercing wall to be able to put anchors, remember that it is very important that mirror is at a height that allows to be reflected while you are sitting.

Once main elements are solved, next thing is to get good lighting. To do this, if we see that ceiling lamp does not generate all level of light we would like. Then we can choose to place a garland of lights on frame of bedroom vanity desk mirror or around it. With this resource, in addition to obtaining a beautiful result, we will ensure spectacular lighting.

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From here, we can help with an infinity of elements for decorative and / or functional purposes: from open cans to place pencils and paint brushes to a tray or basket makeup organizer, passing through a magnifying mirror, candles , a table lamp , decorative letters, a vase or decorative figure, natural or artificial flowers, etc. Everything adds up and will surely contribute to form an elegant, functional bedroom vanity desk and holder of your most personal stamp.