Playful Extendable Dining Table Set

Apr 12th

Extendable dining table set – You love to cook and invite your friends happy for a dinner party at your home. For that reason, you would like to put a large dining table in your living room. But problem is that such a large table space swallows all your small living room. Anyway but choose a small table? Solution to your dilemma table is easier than you think. Opt for a compact table with a pull! With an extendable table easily create your extra seating areas in your small table.

With an extendable dining table set here as it were two tables in one, without you even noticing. Through this convenient construction you turn your small table if it is necessary in a large dining table. And your visit there again off? Then you remove extra cm normal again. Extendable table gets a nice playful effect as table and sliding part is not in same color are painted or made of another material. Also with combination clear and frosted glass you achieve a similar effect.

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Most obvious material for extendable dining table set is natural wood. Not for nothing are many tables made of wood. Wood is pretty solid and fits every lifestyle. In short, a wooden table is practical and timeless. But also glass tables are created in a retractable version. Because these tables are made of special safety glass, you do not have to worry that it breaks during conversion of table.