Spectacular 24v and 9v Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Jun 8th

Get ready to fall in love with the spectacular Cassie tall Hollywood vanity mirror. Some equipped with 24 high-quality LEDs with 24 V 3W power and dimmable. They provide true and natural light, thanks to which you can improve your daily beauty routine. And also leaving you flawlessly every day and in every environment. A high-gloss Hollywood vanity mirror style transforms your bedroom into a professional studio.

It’s the perfect combination of stunning lighting and makeup storage. Hollywood vanity mirror is really a must-have for every woman. Superlight LEDs give you full control over your appearance, and the elegant dimming control lets you set the mood. The highly efficient 24V bulbs are cool, touch less and long lasting. Keeps you and the planet safer in the years to come.

While a beautiful Hollywood vanity mirror with 9 LED light bulbs that emit both hot and cold light. Some of them have two touch buttons on the front, where you can press and adjust between cold and warm light as needed. By holding your finger on the touch buttons, you can also adjust the brightness of the mirror as desired. This is the perfect accessory for your make-up table. Especially if you do not have much space.

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