Tips To Build White Bedroom Vanity

Mar 12th

White Bedroom Vanity – Put on makeup or fix the hair on a vanity table is easier than standing in front of a bathroom sink or dresser. Dressing on a vanity table in the bedroom leaves the bathroom free for others to use. A vanity table does not have to be big, but makes it big enough to hold a pallet stored underneath it. Build a simple table consisting of a top and leg, or find intricate plans on a finer table


Measure the space for your tables. Design a White Bedroom Vanity on paper to work in a bedroom space without taking over the room. Either a square or kidney-shaped peak is acceptable, or the table may have one or more boxes. Cut out paper templates that will serve as pattern parts. Assemble all the boards needed for the top. Glue and pinch boards to create a flat plan to cut.

Cut off the top with a jigsaw if you make a kidney-shaped White Bedroom Vanity. A table top saw will work on a square top. Sand all surfaces. Use a drill and attachment to create holes for wooden legs to fit into the top. Or build solid walls and a slab of chipboard or plywood that is sanded smoothly. Glue and screw the sections into place to form a base from the top. Create one or more drawers by cutting a front with places left for the drawers. Install wood frames to keep boxes and metal tracking for the drawers to slip on. Build the boxes separately, or use boxes you already have and design the table around their measurements.

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